Deliver UIs faster, together

A collaborative workspace for Storybook that helps frontend teams collect UI feedback, review visual changes, and ship UIs faster.
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Made for Storybook by Storybook maintainers
Get feedback on UI components from your team

Gather UI feedback with less work
Chroma helps you share progress with fellow developers, designers, and PMs to make collaborating on UI engineering painless.
Review interactive components
See your stories just like they appear in Storybook. No fussing with code, git, or node_modules.
Paste a link to get feedback
Link work-in-progress with your team so they can help you review and refine.
Discuss the details
Make precise comments on styling, behavior, and interaction. Say goodbye to screen recordings, gifs, and redlining.
Every decision in one place
Consolidate decisions, comments, and change requests conveniently alongside your components.

How it works
Develop components
Publish and review together
Pull Request

Storybook’s single source of truth
Chroma makes it easy to track changes and reuse existing work because every component’s look, feel, and code is recorded online across branches and commits.
Find and reuse components
With a searchable record for UI components it’s simple to pinpoint where and how components are used.
Always up to date
Your Storybook is published to Chroma’s secure cloud every commit so you can quickly share UI development with your team.
Browse branches
With one click, compare components across branches to see how they change.
Go back in time, anytime
Resolve unexpected bugs by going back in time to answer “what did this used to look like?”

Made for professional frontend teams
Chroma is a secure, unified workspace to store your Storybook. Built for UI engineering teams.
Integrates with your tools
Seamless integration with Storybook, CI, and your version control system accelerates your workflow.
Easy access control
Permissions are auto-synced so your collaborators on GitHub, Bitbucket, or GitLab can also access Chroma.
Secure and reliable
With enterprise features like SSO, SLA, and premium support, Chroma is tuned for high-performance companies.


  • For developers
  • Get feedback early and often
  • Review interactive components
  • Consolidate UI feedback
  • Always up to date
  • For collaborators
  • Email and PR notifications
  • Share with a link
  • Comments and threads
  • Searchable component library
  • For admins
  • Secure cloud
  • Automatic permission syncing
  • Hassle-free setup with Storybook
  • Integrations with existing tools
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Why publish Storybook in the cloud?

Collaboration and reproduction. When you publish Storybook with Chroma your team gets a universal reference point for discussion that’s always up to date. This means you get precise feedback in less time. What’s more, it makes reproductions painless because your teammates interact with real, rendered code without needing a dev environment.

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What if I already deploy Storybook using S3/Netlify/Now/Surge?
You probably don't need to do this anymore. Chroma is a Storybook-optimized cloud service for frontend teams that includes collaboration, access control, versioning, history, and integrations with tools you use in production. We're fans of those deployment services for other use cases.