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Frontend teams shipping production UIs
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  • Shared team workspace
  • Unlimited projects
  • Synced access control
  • + Core features
Enterprise-grade infra for exceptional teams
  • Single sign on
  • Custom Git integrations
  • Priority support
  • Invoicing and more

Worksaving features

Unlimited projects
Streamline collaboration for as many projects as you want.
Paste a link to get feedback
Link your teammates to work in progress so they can help you refine UI implementations.
Comments and threads
Get feedback down to the DOM element. Say goodbye to miscommunication.
Searchable component library
Pinpoint where and how components are used. Discover existing components to reuse.
Email and PR notifications
Get notified when your Storybook is published in the tools you already use.
Straightforward access control
Control who has access to your Storybook. Invite teammates with a link or sync permissions with your code host.
Component versioning & history
QA unexpected changes by going back in time to compare UIs between branches and commits.
Secure and reliable
Industrial-grade infra that's built specifically to publish and share Storybook.
Git and CI/CD integrations
Painless integrations with popular tools like GitHub, Bitbucket, GitLab, CircleCI, Travis, and more.

Frequently asked questions

Why should I join early access?
You'll get to shape the next generation of UI engineering workflows alongside our team of Storybook maintainers and frontend architects. Your feedback will have direct impact on the features we build.
Will you charge for Chroma in the future?
We'll always have a free plan. In the future we may introduce paid features for mature companies.
Who makes Chroma?
We are Storybook core maintainers and open source veterans. Before this, we helped tens of thousands of developers architect their apps as core engineers of widely-loved Apollo GraphQL and popular JavaScript framework Meteor. Read more
How long is early access?
To be decided. It will end when we've created a delightful developer experience for UI engineers.
Where's my invite?
We're inviting larger teams with complex requirements first to ensure we address every edge case. If that's you, then send us a message via chat.
Deploying a Storybook URL for every Pull Request has been something we’ve been doing for a while in Shopify’s design system Polaris and it’s been amazingly helpful. I’m excited to see @chromaui[Chroma] working on easily offering that workflow to everybody.
Ben Scott
Ben Scott
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Interesting idea from the Chroma team. I’m all for tools that help teams communicate and collaborate more efficiently and make building things more fun.
Carlos Escobar
Carlos Escobar
Engineering Manager
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Streamline frontend communication to save time and money.